University of Notre Dame

The Law School

  • International Law

  • Islamic Law and Constitutions 

Graduate Courses

  • International Law 

  • Islamic Law and Constitutions 

  • Comparative Law Graduate Seminar 

  • Law of Nations Graduate Seminar 

  • International Courts and Dispute Resolution Graduate Seminar

  • Law Among Nations Graduate Seminar 

Undergraduate Courses

  • The Islamic Legal Tradition and Constitutionalism 

  • International Law and Holocaust Study Abroad

  • International Justice University Seminar (

  • Islamic Law Junior Seminar 

  • Law and Justice Among Nations University Seminar and Study Abroad 

  • Law and Justine Among Nations 

  • Islamic Law and Justice College Seminar

  • Comparative Cultures of Justice College Seminar

  • Comparative Law 

  • Peace Among Nations? University Seminar 

  • International Law and Courts Senior Seminar 

  • International Law 

  • International Organizations 

University of Alabama
  • Introduction to International Relations 

  • International Law and Domestic Legal Systems 

  • Genocide and International Law 

  • International Organizations 

  • Graduate Seminar in International Courts and Dispute Resolution 

Georgia Southern University
  • Graduate Seminar in International Politics 

  • Graduate Seminar in International Organizations 

  • Graduate Seminar: Methodological Approaches and Issues in IR 

  • Graduate Seminar in International Law and Diplomacy 

  • Graduate Seminar in International Courts and Dispute Resolution 

  • Comparative World Justice Systems (Comparative Law) 

  • International Organizations 

  • Introduction to International Politics

  • Introduction to the European Union 


University of Notre Dame • Jenkins Nanovic Halls • Notre Dame, IN 46556

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