I am an Associate Professor of Political Science and Associate Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame. I specialize in international law, international courts, international dispute resolution, the Islamic legal tradition, Islamic international law, and Islamic constitutionalism. My new book (2020 in Oxford University Press) Islamic Law States and International Law: Peaceful Settlement of Disputes provides a comprehensive examination of differences and similarities between the Islamic legal tradition and the classical international law, especially in the context of dispute settlement. I demonstrate that substantive and procedural similarities between these two legal systems surpass their differences to bring about a more peaceful world.

Born in Toruń, Poland, I received legal education at the University of Nicholas Copernicus (Poland), Jean Monnet Center for European Studies, and the University of Cambridge. My most prominent publications include a book published in Cambridge University Press (2011) entitled Domestic Law Goes Global: Legal Traditions and International Courts (with Sara McLaughlin Mitchell), and several articles in top political science academic journals such as International Organization, Journal of Politics, International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Peace Research, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Law and Contemporary Problems. I have published several book chapters on the Islamic milieu's attitudes towards various substantive areas of international law. My publications appear in several languages, including Farsi, French, and Arabic (Yearbook of Arab Association of Constitutional Law, Algerian Constitutional Council Journal, etc.)